Dvorak support and Japanese

A while ago I talked with a guy working on a recent mobile platform and asked some questions about Dvorak and Japanese combination. Some older OSs were doing fine while mobile OSs are not, according to my understanding. He said it is kind of a "one more option" problem. That means, developers do not want to treat all subtle options they want. I felt the problem I'm suffered from would appear in the other, less major countries other than developed countries. Those may need similar requirements. But anyway what he said is what they chose already, and I will honor it.

Some people will say I should abandon Dvorak instead. It actually makes sense while it may possibly drop comfortability while my typing, seriously. My impression has been that typing dvorak is not that fast for entering Japanese (anyway it is originally for English, not Japanese) while it reduces tension to my hands and fingers. I'm deeply concerned about possibility of inflammation on my hands (so called 腱鞘炎) being increased.

Not really sure about which choice is better, but one more choice I found. If I stop writing Japanese, this problem may end :-)

Start using Kana-input might be another alternative, which makes a little more sense. Half-joking.